Letlole La Rona in direct translation means “our basket of wealth” and this meaning has been adopted as the Company slogan. To the Company and its Management, our basket of wealth refers to investment, education, culture and the people. LLR has chosen half a basket as part of its new logo. The logo was chosen as a means to reflect the significance of basket weaving to the culture of Batswana and the use of a basket to build wealth. The basket was derived from the traditional basket “tlatlana” and designed graphically to be symmetrical.

The branding of the Company has been freshened and all official documentation and the properties now include the logo. This was done to improve brand recognition and association. All Letlole La Rona properties have been branded as such so that every stakeholder is able to easily identify the underlying assets of the company.

The Company colours are red and yellow. Red is a colour that symbolizes a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities which promote ambition and determination.

The colour yellow is the lightest hue of the spectrum and a great communicator. It is an uplifting colour that offers hope. It also creates enthusiasm and can awaken greater confidence and optimism. It aids in decision making, being analytical and critical. These are the colours that reflect the company character, as a pioneer and leader, a young company with great ambition and determination to grow, with confidence and skilful decision making techniques to determine investment decisions. Your investment is safe with us.


Message to the Investors
As an investment company for you, we would like to assure you that we as Letlole La Rona, value your confidence and trust in us. We are a Botswana company that intends on extending its investments across borders to ensure a maintained and improved performance in the long term. The board of directors and management team are committed to making sound investments for you.

Through this website and various other media we wish to develop open communication with all media, and stakeholders that have a keen interest in the company. Our contact details are on the contact page. We are commited to keeping our stakeholders informed.